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Geralyn Mulqueen

Geralyn Mulqueen is an Irish Artist, RSA Fellow, Published Writer, Psychotherapist, Mother, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist.

Michael Stafford

Taking it Back/Exile, a body of work with 2 angles of intent, the taking back formalised visual description used by digital media and the second to use this to describe my personal experience of a families movement from one place to another highlighting ideas of displacement. In retrospect, taking away the art talk, it’s a […]

Italian Job Goes Green

The new hair brand at the forefront of sustainability

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I have particular soft spot for all things Italian, the put-put of a Vespa, the sprezzatura, art, design, history, food and of course my favourite — my half-Italian wife Leisa.

Why We Made LOVE Our Business

Leisa and I have just come back from a wonderful week in Ibiza. Rather than absolute carnage — late nights, foam parties, end-less bottles of cava and hedonistic escapades, in reality it was a lazy week by a quiet pool some lovely meals, a good book and at the end, our 24th wedding anniversary which we celebrated with our two daughters Joni and Ava.

How to style your HAIR like a PRO

The right tools will give you that salon-fresh look. If I had a euro for every time I’ve heard a client say ‘but I’ll never get it to look like that’ when I’ve finished a look I’d be a very rich man.

Hair loss…and what to do about it

Expert advice from a trichologist

Every week another letter or email appears asking us what to do about hair loss. It’s a complex subject and one we have touched on in the past. The reasons for hair loss are manifold but the result is clearly the same as the letters we have been receiving show women who are understandable distressed about losing their hair.

Staying Cool For Festival Season

In 2003, pictures flashed all over the world of supermodel Kate Moss trudging nonchalantly around the Glastonbury festival. Although obviously aware that all eyes were on her, she appeared oblivious to the attention, but in fashion and hair terms it was a pivotal moment because Moss single -handedly invented festival glamour.

Walk on the wild side

Andy Warhol was one of the most influential artists of the 1960s and his vibe lives on today.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the influence of 1960s icon Mary Quant. Another icon of the 1960s in terms of style and counter culture referencing is Andy Warhol.